TU88 – TU88 Games – Best Online Casino 2023

The betting is that the lobby is of great interest at the moment. It’s not just about entertainment. In addition, it also helps the gambler earn more income. For today’s article, we’ll show you the Tu88, so let’s take a look.

General introduction Tu88

Tu88 or Tu88 Games is one of the gaming portals that provides players with betting-related products. Some of the types that you can participate in are:

  • Sports betting.
  • Online casino.
  • Game slot.
  • Poker and lots of other titles,…

Although it’s only been formed recently. However, what the game portal offers is beyond imagination. With a lot of effort, the spirit of learning. The banker has taken a step towards transforming himself and becoming the destination of many gamblers in and outside the region.

General introduction Tu88

Why is Tu88 loved by so many people?

Tu88 is a brand that many players have full confidence in. So why would the gambler like this so much? Let’s look at the reason behind it.

Game Portal Interface

The game portal interface is the first factor that determines the success of the system. It’s quite fundamental. Only in basic colors. But, when it’s built together. They come out with a very unique picture. It is guaranteed that it will leave a deep impression in the player with only the first experience.

In addition, here, the system is equipped with many types of languages. You won’t have to worry about language barriers anymore. The sections available at Tu88 are extremely well organized. It won’t take you too long to find the item you like.

Game Portal Interface

System Security

The Tu88 security issue is also the most dominant factor. The system is equipped with several layers of protective locks. Therefore, hackers will find it difficult to steal intelligence.

More specifically, the data that the player provides will be delivered to you at the server. The process of disseminating information will not involve any intermediaries. Therefore, it is impossible for personal data to be leaked. Please feel free to play the game here.

Withdraw a deposit

Talk about withdrawal at Tu88. There’s nothing the player can argue about. Everything was perfect. In a few minutes, the player can withdraw completely. The current banker brings the brothers many different types of withdrawal:

  • Game card.
  • Scratch card.
  • Bank accounts, app banking,…

Take care of a customer

The customer service scored in many people’s eyes while playing the game in Tu88. Any questions you have will be answered by the staff in the shortest possible time. With strong financial power and professional staff.

I’m sure he won’t let the gamblers. However, with peak hours, you may be waiting for a response for quite a long time. Because there are so many problems to be solved, please wait.

Take care of a customer

Various games

Coming to Tu88, you seem to be coming to the heaven of bets. Here, you can participate in your favorite playgrounds. From gaming slots to online casinos. Everything seems perfect, promising to give you exciting experiences.

Compilation of the games available in Tu88

As I said before, Tu88 has a variety of game stores. That’s why more and more players visit here. Let’s look at the information below and check out these hot hit names.

Red and Black

Red and Black is a name that is no stranger to the followers of Tu88 betting. This is a playground for patient people. The decks were alternately colored red and black.

Each of you will receive eight cards, your mission is to arrange them to alternate colors. Empty spaces with no cards. Immediately to be replaced with another piece of junk.

Red and Black

Sicbo MD5

A familiar name for the player is Sicbo MD5. This is a state-of-the-art upgraded version in Tu88. The game has three dice with different dot-number of dots. Each dice will be made up of six sides.

Each side has a score of 1 to 6 corresponding to the number of dots. You’ll have the first 35 seconds to think and then make the bet.

The entire betting hall is displayed on the table. Three dice will be randomly shaken by the dealer. The player’s job is to predict the value after each shake. If the guess is correct, the player will be paid the bonus according to the initial betting rate.

Golden flower

Golden flower is a slot game that many people are interested in in Tu88. This is a hit game and a betting hall download star with multiple hits. Golden flower has simple rules. It has horizontal and vertical lines containing different images and symbols. 

Images and sounds are invested very well. With the bets of participating in this game, they are all attracted. In the process of participating, if the symbols you choose are on the same winning line. This game has many variations such as: Video slot, multi-payline slot,…

Golden flower

Texas Hold’em Poker 

Texas Hold’em Poker’s a game title shouldn’t be missed. This is a fairly common name that many gamblers compare to the name of a hall-breaking barrel. It is also a top-notch playground that many Downloads to the machine.

Each player will receive 2 cards, these are his own cards, which the player himself can see.  Then we’ll get another five. With these five, the card player, everyone will notice.

Need For Speed

Do you know Need For Speed? It’s also a hot hit game. This is a racing brand invented by Need For Speed. During the game, a series of videos of the car race will be displayed. It is your duty to evade the law enforcement agencies on the way to arrest.

The goal of the player is to control the car and win. In tournament and professional mode, the gambler must win. Only then can you unlock the track and the vehicle.


Sicbo is a game about gambling on online casinos. It’s similar to other games. For Sicbo, it also has quite simple rules. But it’s never easy to win.

Sicbo Tu88 is based on the results of dice juggling. At each one of those bets, three dice will be thrown. There are quite a few ways to make bets: single, double, triple, total points on two sides, total points on many sides. When the results are determined, the player is given a bonus rate to receive money if he wins.


Shuffle a plate

The Tu88 disc jitter game also gives players many interesting points. Starting from the traditional playground, with the presence of cutting-edge technology as it is. They’re already in the online lobby. Known for its easy to play characteristics. This playground has been selected by many gamers.

According to the survey, in fact, the type with the 4 most popular troops. Other forms of disc jacking include one army, disc jacking two armies, disc jacking three armies, etc.

For disc jacks consisting of 4 military units, they are not much different from the rest of the titles. At the beginning, Tu88 will do a disc jolt, your task is to predict the face and the back. In this game, the odds of winning are 50-50.

Classic fruit

Classic fruit Tu88 is a genre based on the original title of the game for drag cameras. A quite new point in this game is that it has a new style thanks to the attraction of fruits. The usual fruit symbols will be watermelon, orange, lemon, cherry, number 7,…

This version makes many players feel very excited and excited. With the first experiences, they will certainly give you a lot of impression. 

For the classic fruit section, they’re designed with random rolls. The mission of the gamer is to shoot a bonus and make a bet. If you’re an inexperienced player. This is the betting hall that you shouldn’t miss.

Apes Go Wild

Apes Go Wild will bring you to the rainforest. It’s quite mysterious, and this is where the monkeys live. That’s the trick, the monkey’s not the least clever.

The wager will explore the forest together and find the treasure. To do this, you need to rotate the icons. This game is a playground based on an existing story. At the symbol search loop, the player presses the spin button and waits. Once the loop has stopped, the system will proceed to see if you get the icon.

Journey to the west.

Journey to the west is a game that revolves around the Chinese Western Du Ky story. You’ll be transformed into a character to explore the journey. The plot is about the Monkey King and other disciples of Huyen Trang. 

This playground will make bets go from surprise to surprise. Especially the reward will definitely surprise you. This journey will begin with five rolls of film along with 20 betting lines. Let’s take a closer look to have a good experience.

CQ9 Slot

For betting enthusiasts, CQ9 Slot is really familiar. This is a developer who provides players with various slots. You will be immersed in unique betting halls at Tu88 Games.

Games inspired by different stories, they are:

  • Dragon Empire.
  • Wukong’s Gold.
  • Ne Zha.
  • Monkey King.
  • The Journey Series.

Some other games are quite adventurous and adventurous, they are:

  • The Monkey King.
  •  Fortune Trio.
  • The Guardians.
  • The Little Big.

In addition, there are games inspired by Asian culture:

  • Feng Shen.
  • Blessed Beauties.
  • Emperor’s Empire.
  • New Year’s Rich.
  • The Egyptian Series.

In particular, it is impossible not to mention:

  • Anubis’ Blessing.
  • The Egyptian Empire.
  • Mystic Egypt.
  • Pharaoh’s Gold.
CQ9 Slot

Tu88 Membership Registration Steps

Speaking of which, you might want to be one of the Tu88 members. It’s quite simple. Let’s take a look at the following:

Step 1: Find the link

Finding a link is one of the basic operations. And yet, they play a very important role. Players need to choose the Tu88 house link to make sense. At present, the level of competition is quite high in the market. So, inevitably, the opponent will play bad tricks.

Besides, many hackers are stealing your information. That’s why, when you look for the link. You guys have to be really sober. Otherwise, there will be many consequences. 

In cases where access to the link has been blocked. The player quickly finds another link. Because maybe the system is overloaded. The wager now can go to the link.

Step 2: Register

Once you’ve found a good link. The player clicks the link. The interface will show. You click Next on the Register. The system displays the parts of the requirements you provide.

Please fill out all the information. They’re the last names, names, e-mails, phone numbers,… For password settings, create a strong enough password. This will help manage Tu88 accounts better.

Step 3: Enter the Tu88 game

Tu88 register is complete, the player exits the page and comes back in and Tu88 login again. They will make sure that you have successfully registered your game account.

Once you’ve logged in, there will be a lot of betting halls on the screen for you to choose from. Depends on your inspiration and passion. You will click on the game you want. However, before entering the game, players need to deposit money into Tu88 account first.

Step 3: Enter the Tu88 game

Tu88 Events

The Tu88 events is the one that the gamblers expect the most. There will be a lot of giftcodes bursting out for you. Gifts from game portals will usually be televisions, phones, travel tickets,… And there’s a bonus. If you’re lucky, you’ll get quite a lot of money. Some bonus codes that Tu88 released are:

  • 100% charge code for the first time to charge money to a game account.
  • Return code by date, week, month,…
  • Birthday giftcode member birthday, birthday of the banker.
  • Gifts up to the level…
Tu88 Promotion

How to download the Tu88 app to your phone

With the rise of technology as it is, the Tu88 app has been born. This app has been praised and responded to by many people. Now, instead of experiencing games on a bulky PC, you can use your phone to join the game.

The content is available in this app as a miniature model of PC games. They won’t make you difficult, on the contrary, with small convenience. He’s conquered a lot of gamblers, even the toughest chieftain.

How Tu88 app download is done:

  • Step 1: Players search the Tu88 app on the web or go to the App Store, Ch Play depending on the line. Then click the download button.
  • Step 2: At this point, the application will be gradually installed into your machine. If your machine displays any information, press OK.
  • Step 3: After a few minutes, the process will complete, press confirm and play Tu88.

How to charge/refund Tu88 for betters

As I said, the system will equip you with various types of extraction. Brothers, depending on the appropriate method, do it in a reasonably. The extraction is carried out:

  • Step 1: Proceed to the Tu88 homepage.
  • Step 2: At the exchange button or withdraw/charge button, click Select.
  • Step 3: The Tu88 system selection bar displays. Choose the withdrawal or loading method that you want to use.
  • Step 4: Click the amount that you want to trade. Fill out your personal information, check them one more time. 
  • Step 5: Press yes and wait, this process will be completed quickly.

Note when participating in Tu88 locusts

Tu88 is a well-known brand. Every day, this game portal multiplied me a lot of hits. That is also the success that the banker has. Also because of the prestige and willingness to invest, the place has been bettered with full confidence. But, in the process of playing, you also need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Information that the player proceeds to put into the banker’s house. They must be master data. 
  • Each player can register only one game account at a time. If fraud is discovered, you will be disciplined.
  • With the first load, the player gets a giftcode. However, in order to obtain this bonus code, the gambler must make the number of rounds of betting prescribed.
  • Maximum and minimum charge/ withdrawal amounts are clearly stipulated. A little attention, please.
  • Each gambler is allowed to receive a giftcode only once per occasion. When the banker finds out you are dishonest, the bonus code is taken away.
  • When making a bet, it is not advisable to base it on a lottery ticket.
  • Know how to plan for a reasonable bet.
  • Ensuring a safe flow of capital, not risking your life to gamble. In case of too many losses, you need to stop. It is not too late for players to return to the game until they are calm and have a good strategy.

In conclusion

The data on Tu88 above is the information that we would like you to look at. Hopefully, they’ll give you more good data. If you haven’t chosen a reliable destination, you can bet. Tu88 Games is the most appropriate answer. Any questions you may have, please contact us.