What is a slot game TU88 and how to play a slot games?

If you’re gamers or betters who like to learn about online casino sites, you’ll hear the term Slot Game. But the term may still be unfamiliar to many people. Therefore, today TU88 will solve everyone’s questions surrounding the game slot.

Common terms in game slots

Understanding the concepts in the game slot makes it easy for players to read and understand game information. These are the terms that often appear in game slots, so please refer to them for clarification.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbol is an important symbol in slot games. When the player accumulates the full amount of this icon, there is a chance to get a free bonus or rotation.

slot game
Words that come out a lot in slot games.

Wild Symbol

Wild symbol is a symbol that replaces any other symbol for the machine’s payment lines that increases the chance of winning the player.

Select Lines

Select Lines is often used by brothers to select the payment lines they want to activate for the next slot rotation. Most brothers will play the maximum number of lines or will play a single line.

Secondary jackpot

There are a lot of jackpots at the TU88 online casino game portal. The highest prize is called the main prize. And all the other prizes will be secondary specials. There’s only one winner in slot games.


Payline is a straight line that appears when a player bets on a slot machine. When the corresponding icons appear in these lines, the player wins the money.

In addition to the terms mentioned above, slot games have many terms that you should know: Free Spins, Bonus, Multipliers, Pay Table, etc…

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Machine Tournament Slot

The Slot Game tournament is when the brothers pay a predetermined participation fee. And the brothers will play the tournament for a specific period of time, certain to get a chance to win the prize.

Participants must have the highest amount of money at the end of the game to win back the gifts listed before the tournament began.

How to play Slots at home in TU88

To be able to play game slots at the TU88 house, you must first access the system homepage and register yourself a membership account.

Note, people must use their own proprietary information and each person is registered only once using their personal information and bank account owner’s name to avoid fraud. Then, follow these steps to play the slot game.

Step 1: Visit the TU88 homepage and log in to your personal account.

Step 2: The system main interface appears, click the Slots tab on the inventory bar.

Here, players will see many Slots versions appearing with many prominent themes such as pirates, diamonds, hot girls, cards, animations, … spare you options.

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TU88 Home Slot Game Guide

Step 3: Start playing the slot game.

Once you’ve entered the game, you can select the line number, fill in the amount you want to bet on the space and press Spin to start spinning. Wait until the rolls stop and you can tell if you win or lose.

If you see two or more symbols on the same line you bet on, you’ve started getting bonus points. The more duplicate symbols appear, the bigger the prize money you get and you have a chance to win a jackpot.

Symbols used in TU88’s gaming slot

Every house has its own game slot symbols, below are the symbols commonly used at TU88:

  • Autoplay: When this mode is selected, the player will let the slot machine spin and end on its own. When you get the result, you will receive the corresponding amount.
  • Maxbet: Pressing this symbol means that you will bet the maximum amount in the following slots.
  • Spin: Icon for slot rotation
  • Line Bet: Choose the amount you want to bet on.
  • Total Bet: Total bet amount of player be.
  • Tight Slots: Signs that the game slot will be paid less than originally planned speed. It may be paying less than expected or may be able to pay less than expected.

Some notes to be able to win the TU88 home slot game

Playing slot games is quite simple, first-time players can be proficient from the first rounds of betting and you don’t have to calculate too much when playing. However, to ensure that you can win, please note some things after playing at TU88.


  • The top note is that you need to know the rules of the banker’s house. Once you master the rules of slot games, you’ll have plenty of time to think about the amount of bets and the calculation of the step-by-step path.
  • Playing the newly released game slots of the house, TU88 is currently a dealer who constantly develops and updates new and hot games on the market for gamers. In new games you will have a higher chance of winning thanks to promotions and rewards to attract a large number of gamers and a beautiful, clear interface.
Some notes to be able to win the TU88 home slot game
Some notes to be able to win the TU88 home slot game
  • It is necessary to maintain a stable mentality when playing games, even if you have lost or won too many bets, you should choose to stop the game at the right time to preserve your capital. This will prevent players from getting their pockets burned immediately when participating in bets.
  • The more lines you have, the more likely you are to win. Please refer to all the TU88 slot games and choose the ones with the most lines.
  • Take advantage of the trial function for new players if you join for the first time. Then combine with your skills and experience to calculate how to bet and shoot the slot accordingly.
  • The more lines you bet on, the more lines you can win, so spread your capital out on many lines.

Playing slot games at TU88 is not difficult, but to win you need to play a lot and actively learn from the experiences of the previous players. Hopefully the above shares will help you have enough knowledge to participate in attractive slot versions at TU88 and win big.